Through wardrobe styling and public relations, we elevate how athletes, creatives and executives share knowledge, tell stories and inspire their audiences to act.

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Image & Style Strategy

Motley-Maddox knows a great story never goes out of style. That’s why we’ve combined public relations and wardrobe styling to give athletes, creators and executives the best resources available to help build and grow their image.

Our firm addresses the needs of public relations (media training, media relations, content writing and development, employee communication, etc.) and wardrobe styling (closet consultations, personal shopping, on-set creative direction and staffing, hair, makeup and photography).

Through solid strategy, we elevate how you share knowledge, tell stories and inspire their audiences to act.

We’re creating a world of authentic, compelling and stylish leaders, storytelling and information sharing.

Personal Styling Services

Are you ready to elevate your wardrobe and style? Are you in need of show-stopping looks for your next trip or photo shoot? Or a jaw-dropping style moment for the Red Carpet? Let’s get dressed!

Public Relations Services

Whether you’re a celebrity makeup artist launching a product line, a hairstylist launching a training course for industry hopefuls or a costume designer who wants to book speaking engagements, we can help garner press that commands attention and influences your audiences to act.

I’m Jazmine Motley-Maddox

My love for writing led me to a very successful career in media public relations (CNN, The Weather Channel, FOX Sports), where writing was the technique I used to craft the perception of individuals, companies, and content.

Once I had reached a glass ceiling I wasn’t interested in breaking through, I made the big leap into style and costume design, working on projects including BMF (Starz), Honk For Jesus, Save Your Soul (Sundance Film Festival), Rhythm & Flow (Netflix), Miracles Across 125th Street (VH1) and Young Dylan (Nickelodeon) to name a few.

Each day you get out of bed and put on clothes that - whether you realize it or not - tell the story of who you are before you have the chance to verbally say hello. I am here to provide image and style expertise to help curate and elevate your style to a level that is tasteful, fashion-forward and authentically you.

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